What is the job of The Correspondent?

The CarAdvice Correspondent is a three-month, part-time position. The hours are flexible and you can perform this role on weekends or outside of normal work hours, so you wont need to quit your day job. Depending where you live, you can choose to work from home or from one of the CarAdvice offices.

When you start the role, CarAdvice will provide you an advanced driver course and hands-on training from the CarAdvice editorial team. Once trained you will be provided with one new car at a time and asked to test drive it for a period of a few days to a week.

As The Correspondent, you are required to submit a review for each car you drive and have this review published on the CarAdvice website. During the three-months you will get the opportunity to drive lots of new cars from various manufacturers.

In October you will accompany the CarAdvice journalists to the Tokyo motor show (courtesy of Mazda) and help report on all the news and latest car launches from the show.

Who is eligible to be The Correspondent?

To be eligible for the main prize of The Correspondent, you must be an Australian resident and at least 18 years old. You also need to have a valid Australian driver's license and be available for the auditions on Saturday August 15th.

Because you will be flying to Tokyo in October, you will need to have a valid passport and be eligible to travel to Japan.

Please note: Travel insurance is not included, so you will need to arrange your own personal travel insurance for the trip. All other expenses will be covered.

Where is the role of The Correspondent based?

The position is open to all Australian residents. It doesn't matter where you live, because the role can be performed from home if needed. However you will need to be able to get to your closest capital city in order to collect and return vehicles.

CarAdvice has offices in Sydney and Melbourne, so if you are from one of these cities you are welcome to work from the CarAdvice office.

How much will I be paid as The Correspondent?

During the three-month contract, the Correspondent will be paid $500 for each review that they successfully produce and have published on the CarAdvice website. Depending on your schedule you could expect to produce between 1 and 2 reviews per week. But how much you are paid will be dependent on how many reviews you produce and have published. The reviews must be approved by the Associate Publisher and must be of a suitable quality to publish on the website.

Your trip to the Tokyo motor show is included as part of your role. You wont receive payment for the news you report on at the show, but you will receive flights, accommodation and living expenses while travelling.

Do I need to quit my day job to become The Correspondent?

No, the CarAdvice Correspondent is a part-time position, which can be performed on weekends or outside of business hours. You do not need to quit your day job, but you may require some time off to attend the audition on Saturday August 15th and to travel to the Tokyo motor show from October 27th to November 1st.

What am I required to do at the Tokyo motor show?

You are being flown to Tokyo courtesy of Mazda, so you will be required to participate in some PR activities and events related to Mazda. As a representative of the CarAdvice editorial team, you will also be required to file some news reports from industry news you discover at the show.

Which date is the trip to Tokyo?

You will be flying to Tokyo on Tuesday October 27th and returning on Sunday November 1st. You will be required to attend the press days on Wednesday and Thursday. There will also be a Mazda drive event on either the Friday or the Saturday, which you are required to attend. The rest of the time will be free time for you to explore Tokyo.

Is there a full-time job available at the end of the three months?

No promises, but if you impress us during the three month position as The Correspondent then there is definitely the chance of a more permanent role.

Can I enter more than once?

Yes, you can submit multiple entries and you may choose to submit both a written review and a video review. You can upload more than 1 video or written review. Just return to the enter page and complete the form again.

Can I enter without a Facebook account?

No, we require you to enter with a Facebook account. You can sign up for free to Facebook here.

How many times can I vote?

You may vote as many times as you want, but you can only vote once for each individual review and you will only receive one entry in the draw for the voter's prize.

Can I enter as a group?

You can create the review as a team however only one person can submit the video or written review, and only this person is eligible to win the prize.

How are the finalists selected?

Our panel of judges will be choosing the finalists based on the quality of their written or video reviews. We are looking for people with talent as a journalist/presenter and a good knowledge of cars.

How is the winner selected?

Once the three finalists are selected, they will be invited to attend an audition on Saturday August 15th. The audition will take place in Sydney and interstate finalists will be flown to the audition at CarAdvice's expense. The audition will include a panel interview, test driving a new car and producing a review for evaluation. As part of the audition, the finalists will be among the first people in Australia to drive the new Mazda MX-5.

To be eligible for the main prize, contestants must be available for the audition on August 15th.

What is the best format to shoot my video?

We recommend shooting in HD. Do not use a resolution below 640x480.

What file formats do you support?

The following file types are supported AVI, MPEG, MP4, MOV, WMV.

What aspect ratios do you support?

We only support 16:9 format (widescreen) or wider. Do not upload any 4:3 videos.

What is the limit on file size for upload?

Please ensure your video upload is less than 100MB.

What are the recommended settings for videos?
  • Codec: Select H.264 for the video codec and AAC for the audio codec
  • Frame Rate: 25
  • Keyframes: Every 30 frames
  • Data Rate: 5,000 Kbits/second for widescreen high definition
  • Resolution: Minimum 1260x720 for widescreen high definition.
  • Deinterlace: Yes.
  • Sound Sample Rate: 48 KHz
  • Audio quality: Select a bit rate of at least 128 Kbps
  • Stereo: You video should be 2-channel stereo (not mono, not 5.1 stereo)
How do I get my video under 100MB?

You can reduce the size of your video using MPEG Streamclip – it is available on both Windows and Mac.

Note: We do not endorse MPEG Streamclip. Installation and use of MPEG Streamclip is at your own risk.

Can I include music on my video?

Yes, including a soundtrack with your video is fine, as long as you own the rights to the music or use royalty free music. If you do not own the rights to the music used on your video, you will be disqualified. There are various sources of royalty free music available on the internet, we recommend www.jewelbeat.com